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Now more than ever you need a partner to navigate this unique business environment


Gofetch is a consulting firm that collaborates with companies of all sizes and industries to design and implement communication solutions allowing growth while maintaining a user friendly approach. 

If you are in need of a partner that can provide your company with  enhanced telecommunications services, contact us so we can discuss in more detail. 

Our Firm


We provide solutions ranging from a simple internet connection to a complex network between multiple sites. With our vast portfolio of partners, we can provide the right services to meet your needs. 

In today's business, mobility and scalability are vital and we will work closely with you to analyze your current telecommunications environment and present a solution that allows your company to stay ahead of the changes in technology without a large capital cost. 

This analysis and the solutions are provided at no cost to you.

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This is Norman. He is 50% Australian Cattle
Dog and 100% people pleaser. He was rescued from a local shelter and upon our first visit to the vet, we were told that he is a "working dog" who enjoys pleasing others. When I was told about Norman's work ethic, I realized we have a lot in common. That's how the name gofetch was created.


Having close to 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, I see the landscape constantly changing and I want to help you find a better solution at the best price - All at no cost to you!

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To schedule a review of your services, please call or email us. We are eager to "fetch" whatever service you need!

Ray Cole 


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